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2012 Dodge Journey Floor Mats

This is a great choice for those looking for car floor mats! The black 3pc pack provides plenty of space to protect your vehicle from moisture and pests. Plus, the heavy duty fit black makes it tough enough to keep your vehicle clean and organized.

Cheap 2012 Dodge Journey Floor Mats

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2012 Dodge Journey Floor Mats Ebay

This car floor mat is designed to protect your floor space and keep your vehicle clean and free of dirt, dust and debris. It is also made with heavy duty rubber material that is designed to stay in place and keep your car clean throughout the day. this is a 12"x16" hardboard cover with a black dodge journey logo. The cover is covered in heavy-duty deep channels and features a flextough shell rubber floor mat. The mat is easy to clean and is perfect for a heavy-duty car. this is a 2022 dodge journey complete set of four black premium carpet floor mats. The floor mat is orignially created from 100% pure cotton, but is now made of polyester. It is a great choice for a comfortable home environment, and perfect for keeping your drive to home simple. The polyester mat is also thick and heavy, making it a great choice for those with higher general care expectations. Choose this mat for your home history, or new car or home office space. this 12"x12" floor mat is made of lightweight, durable material that will protect your vehicle from day to day use. It has a sturdy design with a cute charger logo. It also includes a water resistant filter for your convenience.