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Antique Floor Safes

Our antique floor safes are the perfect addition to your home and the perfect measure of your security. Our safes are made of durable materials and are designed to protect your valuable belongings. They are also lightweight and easy to store. Our safes are perfect for those who want the security of a patent safe, but with the convenience of a keyless security safe.



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Vintage Floor Safe

If you're looking for a vintage floor safe that will contribute to your home's look and feel, then check out the luchresi vintage floor safe. This safe is made of high-quality materials and will add a touch of luxury to your room. If you're looking for a safe that can handle all the safe functions, look no further!

Antique Floor Safe

This old herring hall floor safe is a great option for a safe even if you're not interested in antique. It's low-cost, make sure to take into account, and it's got a number of uses including safekeeping family history and other valuable items. this is an antique vintage diebold safe that is currentlymentioned as a wall safe in a house in 1771. The safe is made of metal and has a black powder coat and it is made to store cash and check passengers. The safe is alsoaccurate to within 1% of an inch. The safe is currently off-white in color and it has a metal top and bottom lip and it ismade of plastic components. The keyless remote control is currently on the front left side of the safe and it is made of metal. It has a blackwerd and a white luxe markings. The safe is currently topped with a black eraser logo. There are two red lines on the front surface of the safe and these are called "arcs" and they are created when the safe is opened and close itself. The "marks" on the safe are small black circles and they are created whenson opens and closes the safe. this antique floor safes is a great option for those who love the antique look of a floor safe. The safe is from the 1940s and has a 36 by 24 double locking system. It is a great resource for anyone who loves the history of floor safes and the safe industry. this small original antique meilink combination floor safe cast iron wheels is a great way to protect your floor safe from thai students or anyone who come looking for it. The combination of wheels makes it easy to move around the room, and the cast iron wheels make it even harder to find and protect.