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Floor Candle Holders

If you're looking for holder systems to keep your candles burning all lit up, you'll love the new floor stand pillar candle holders. This team of metal holders is capable of holding 2 candles, making it a versatile choice for any ecommerce purchase.

Tall Floor Candle Stands

There's no need to worry about finding the right tall floor candle stand when you have our perfect stand. Our stand is perfect for anyone who wants to store their candles or light them up when they're feeling sad or happy. our tall floor candle stand is easy to assemble and is workable for anyone with a sturdy foot. Our stand is also lightweight so you can take it anywhere. And finally, our stand isocks off of the counter or anywhere that has a surface that can be touched. We hope you'll take a little less time and effort out of your day.

Floor Standing Candle Holder

This is a great floor standing candle holder that is made from sturdy iron. It has a pre-owned rating and looks great. It has a comfortable top design and is best for use with current paper tube candles. this is a great value for the price you pay for them. They are perfect for adding some history and date accuracy to your home décor. They are made of brass and are in great condition. They are a few lightemels but are plenty strong for holding candles. the vintage brass 39 floor candle holders set of 2 is a great way to express your favorite candles and scents. The sturdy holder posts are out of brass and make a great addition to any room, the designs are colorful and eye-catching, and the chemicals are easy to find. this unique and beautiful dessert-style candleholder is made of old-fashioned brass, and features three brass tall candlesticks, each with a beautiful baptismal head. The art of stone has also well-details, to create a really beautiful and sturdy holder for your candles. Overall, this piece is beautiful and functional, and would make a great addition to any room!